The most innovative and accurate diesel flow meters in the market.


We are viewed as one of the highest brand offering a wide collection of Achievers Make Diesel Flow Meters that depends on the time tried Oscillating Piston outline. A solitary moving segment in the get together guarantees to a great degree solid operation for a long stretch of operation. Utilization of best in class strong state attractive sensor, ultra low fueled electronic sensor accommodates all the effortlessness of a mechanical Diesel Flow measurement and the unwavering quality of electronic detecting and reads outs. Our digital diesel flow meter is created utilizing quality crude material obtained from solid sources. We offer best products at truly moderate costs.

Also Know as : Print Flow Meter With Ticket Printer, High Accuracy Diesel Flow Meter, Flange Type Diesel Flow Meter, Biodiesel Flow Meter

  • For Fuels/Diesel/High Speed/


  • Wide working flow range of 3.0 to 24000 LPH
  • Ensured accuracy of +/ – 0.2% of perusing
  • Low weight drop permits gravity head operation.
  • Operation at most extreme 1500 C temperature conceivable.
  • Self fueled gadgets guarantees fit and overlook operation.
  • Decision of weatherproof and fire evidence electronic fenced in areas.
  • Worked in high limit reusable wire work channel.
  • S.S and Plastics works to suit destructive fluids.
  • Accessible in 1″ to 5″ inch Line Size.
  • Flow Range for 1.0 LPH to 24000 LPH fluid temperature up to 150°C.
  • Precision measurement of low and high viscosity flammable/non flammable fluids.
  • Precision +/ – 0.2 % of perusing. Repeatability +/ – 0.1 % of perusing.
  • Electronic advanced show with Flame verification and Weatherproof walled in areas.
  • Remotely fueled and self controlled choices.


  • Precision measurement of Fuels, Lube Oils, Solvents, Chemicals.
  • High temperature measurement of hot FO, HFO and LSHS.
  • Precision measurement of hydro carbons and natural fluids.
  • Precision measurement of low flow up to 1.0 LPH.


  • Material of construction:
  • Enclosure : Aluminum anodize/S.S-304/S.S-316
  • Rotor : Aluminum anodize/S.S-316/PPS
  • O-ring : NBR/Viton
  • Shaft : Hard Stainless Steel-316
  • Maximum working pressure: 10MPa (35~85%RH)
  • Viscosity range :- 0.612-5.35 mm²/s
  • Fluid &Ambient temperature: -40 to 80 ℃
  • Power voltage: 5 – 24V DC
  • Output signal: NPN
  • Output:
  • High electric level : less than 4.5 VDC( input voltage 5 VDC)
  • Low electric level : higher than 0.5 VDC( input voltage 5 VDC)
  • Connection: Thread (M/F) or flange


Aluminum body and rotor : Flow measurements of Ink S.S. body and rotor
: Flow measurements of Pharmaceutical drug, fuel, Ink, and all application.